Nicholas Zonak

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Hi there! My name is Nicholas Zonak and I'm a developer from New Jersey. My professional experience mostly involves web development, however my personal projects involve a mix of web development, python scripting, C++, and game development using tools such as Game Maker.


PGStats Stream Slides

Informative slides for Super Smash Bros. broadcasts that would show various information such as head to head records and tournament performance

NJ SSBM Tournament Calendar

Website that allows members of the New Jersey Melee community to stay up to date on what events are happening around the state.

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Tournament Streaming

High production tournament streams using a wide range of hardware, software, and custom scoreboard software written using NodeJS and Python.

Melee Mod Tool

C++ program to read and write specific data from Super Smash Bros. Melee character files

Taboo Melee

Web application developed for a drinking game to be used in conjunction with the game Super Smash Bros. Melee.

Sapphire Tears 2D

A "demake" of a first person shooter known as Sapphire Tears with the main feature being customizable battlefields.

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Global Game Jams

Worked with varying team sizes and a various tools to create games within 48 hours.

Puzzling Manor

Short Halloween based puzzle game in which you must push blocks and gather keys to make your escape from the haunted house!

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Embody the Heartseeker blade in this fast-paced precision clicking platformer. Get to the heart of the Living Dungeon and slay the final heart to save existence.

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